When a ZENworks application bundle is assigned to a device/user in ZENworks, there is functionality available to control and automate the launch of that bundle, for example triggering installation of the associated software without the need for the end user to manually initiate that installation.

When a bundle is assigned to a device/user through Service Desk, the assignment is where the event ends. There is no method to cause the launch of the bundle "now" or on a schedule. Triggering of the bundle is left to the end user to manually find and click the delivered bundle.

When a bundle is designated for assignment through Service Desk, there should be scheduling functions available similar to those in ZENworks to control when the bundle is launched so that part of the delivery process may be automated.


  • I agree this would be a huge improvement. Without the ability to control when a bundle is launched or where it is displayed (desktop, start menu, etc) putting ZENworks bundles in Service Desk store is of very little value in my environment.