We would like to use WalkUp printing as a way to prevent accidental print jobs as much as we can. We have created printers, added them to a WalkUp printer, and then unchecked the boxes that would make the printers themselves “Visible to all users in iPrint Portal”. The WalkUp printer is left visible in the iPrint Portal to encourage its use.

When a user goes to the iPrint Portal to install a WalkUp printer, they are prompted to log in to install. Once logged in, the WalkUp printer is available to install, but so are all of the printers that are part of the WalkUp printer. There doesn’t seem to be any way of hiding printers that are part of a WalkUp printer from a logged in user. This may defeat the purpose of using WalkUp printing to avoid accidental (or impulse) printing, as a user could just install and print directly to a particular printer, rather than installing the WalkUp printer and releasing jobs through the user portal. It can also cause confusion for average users who may not understand which printer they’re supposed to be installing.

I think it would be helpful if there were something like a “Visible to logged in users in iPrint Portal” on a printer, or if it was an option on a WalkUp printer to hide its selected printers from logged in users. Our admins would like this as a way to encourage use of WalkUp printing and the user portal.