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    Add local folder encryption and remote wipe to Filr local folder in ...

    Filr stores all files from that it pulls from the users personal storage on the server in unencrypted format in a folder on the Windows or Mac client computer. The users ...

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    eMail Notification before a share expires

    Notify the shared accout 30 days in advance before the share expires. As FILR immediately deletes the shared directory this could lead to unwanted business interuption.

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    Implement file delta sync

    In iFolder we have delta sync for syncing files. Of course this does not work for all file formats (that may be related to how applications handle these files themselves) ...

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    Filr icon at toplevel in Windows Explorer like Dropbox and OneDrive.

    This will make it more easy for users to navigate to Filr storage in Windows 10. For now you have to pin Filr icon to Quick access, enter it via the User profile folder ...

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    Filr Client Auto Update

    It would be helpfull if the Filr Desktop Client would be able to autoupdate itself if a new version is on the filr server after an update/upgrade. Many users see the ...

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    File conflict resolution notification

    When file conflict arises the user is notified via Filr bubble notification. This is easy to miss and user is suprised that two files with similar names exist. It would ...

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    Filr Desktop Clients to support KeyShieldSSO

    The Filr Web Client is already integrated with KeyShield. It would be really nice if the desktop clients also would be integrated just like the latest GroupWise Windows ...

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    Need a "reset" button that tells the Filr Client to re-compute its ...

    In case, for whatever reason, the sync status of the Filr Client becomes wrong or corrupted (for example, Filr tries to sync up a file, but it will never succeed because ...

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    Support of multiple Filr instances or multiple Filr server with one ...

    Please allow and create the support of multiple Filr server with just a single Filr desktop client or the support of multiple Filr desktop client instances (similar to ...

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    Be able to run multiple instances of the Filr Desktop app

    It would be useful to run multiple instances of the Filr Desktop app to support multiple different back-end Filr servers. There could be a dev/test and production, ...

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    Filr Desktop Clients support SSO with LDAP user Authentication

    In an enterprise, LDAP Authentication is most commonly used by User(s) to authentication to the network/hardware. Since Filr clients are one of the network elements ...

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    Have a default whitelist for Windows and Mac Applications

    When "Blacklist" is selected there is a default list provided with the product. It would ease implementation if a default "Whitelist" including popular software is ...

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    Make Filr ignore Windows Roaming Profile by default

    By default, Filr will sync Windows Roaming Profile files from the Home Folder. Most of this data is windows-centric personalisation and can be very large with many ...

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    Enable resumption of partial up- / downloads

    If an upload or download of a large file is interrupted the whole file has to be retransfered. This can be done better and save bandwidth and time!

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    Make local directory for Net Folders read-only by default

    With the Filr desktop client 2.0 Net Folders became accessible even if synchronization to the desktop is not configured by the Filr administrator for such folders. This a ...

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    Notification of 'this file is already open'

    To help avoid the need for conflict resolution, it would be useful for a user to be notified if a file is already open when they try and open it themselves. Most of our ...

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    Allow access to Trash from Desktop Client

    We have many users who use FilR only from Desktop Client. With quotas defined, they need to cleanup their personal folder to stay below the limit. But deleting files in ...

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    Pass through authentication to an AD domain

    Although the Filr Desktop Client allows users to select the option to remember their password, upon expiry (90 days for us) users have to input their password again. ...

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    When specifying a replication folder in Filr it has to be an empty ...

    When specifying a replication folder in Filr it has to be an empty folder, you cannot use a folder which already contains data (i.e. My Documents). We wish to specify "My ...

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    Display Last Login Date/Time

    Like DropBox and others it would be great if the FIlr can display after successfull Login the last Login Date/Time with Information about the device whre the last login ...