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    File locking/checkout and versioning

    I'd like to see users be able to check files out for exclusive editing. I'd also like to see a basic versioning system.

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    Uploaded files have to be scanned to preventing the potential for automated distribution of infected files. You can use free ClamAV or other scanner as well

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    Improved document editing to support co-editing with special software

    Improved online editing – Document Co-editing using Libre Office or Microsoft Office. Include Libre Office as on online document solution using Filr as the back end. Much ...

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    LDAP Fault Tolerance for Authentication and Replication

    At the moment only one LDAP server is contacted during user authentication for LDAP users or during LDAP synchronization. In case that LDAP server is not reachable - the ...

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    Vibe File Integration

    The idea would be to have the option of sharing a folder from within Filr into Vibe as a document repository. You'd have some sort of integration so that you could choose ...

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    Implement LibreOffice Online* (LOOL) as a document editing solution

    Proposal: implement LibreOffice Online* (LOOL) as a document editing solution for Filr (*)REMARK: This is 'not' about integrating LibreOffice (which would be nice to ...

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    Add Personal Address Book for external contacts

    Problem: The Filr Address book only holds internal users, while case I want to share with an external user I have to manually add the email address. Mostly that involves ...

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    Filr storage location for Office 365 Web Apps

    It would be great if our users were able to use Filr as a 3rd party storage location for the Office 365 Web Apps. Now our users are only able to open and store files in ...

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    One time anonymous download link

    Provide the ability to share a file one time to an email address, with a link and secured with a pin maybe. No need for the receiver to go through the sign up process, ...

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    Office 365 integration for FILR

    Talk to Microsoft so that they add FILR in their O365 like Dropbox, OneDive, Box, ...as choosable Cloud Storage Service in their Apps.

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    NetFolder support for Microsoft Office plugin

    Now the plugin is there feels (kindoff) needless to say we need NetFolder support for the Microsoft Office plugin. Not having this is so limiting that the plugin is near ...

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    Merge TeamWorks, Vibe and Filr into a single solution

    We want one single MicroFocus team collaboration solution which integrates well with (at least) any other MicroFocus product. This would make integration with 3th party ...

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    Personal file and folder encryption

    Personal files and folders encryption with signing, encryption, fingerprints capabilities. Like it can done with a standard email client and pgp. When content must be ...

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    Request Remove from Share

    Please give the web, mobile, and desktop clients the ability to select a menu or right click option called "Request Remove from Share". This allows the end user who has ...

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    Integrate Messenger with Novell Filr for securely transferring files

    Leveraging the existing security and usability of the current software stacks (authenticated user that can access authorised files using a secure internet protocol), ...

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    Improve performance of Filr WebDAV server

    As compared to Novell Netstorage the perfomance of the Filr 1.2 WebDAV server is very poor. Directory listings on Netfolders and the eDirectory home directory take very ...

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    Intruder Lockout

    Seems there is no way to lock out "incorrect password attempts", what makes a brute force break in possible. It should be possible to lockout such attempts through a ...

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    Mailless File Request Links

    An customer has asked me it is possible to create an permanent "file request link" without given the Filr an e-mail address. To according the european GDPR, an ...

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    Google Drive Support

    We would like for Filr to be able to use Google Drive as a document source. Obviously there are some difficulties with this approach -- Users would have to be mapped ...

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    Microsoft Outlook and Office plugin Single Sign On

    In enterprise environments, Kerberos and LDAP Authentication are commonly used by users to authentication to the network. Filr Office and Outlook plugin need to be setup ...