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    File locking/checkout and versioning

    I'd like to see users be able to check files out for exclusive editing. I'd also like to see a basic versioning system.

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    Add local folder encryption and remote wipe to Filr local folder in ...

    Filr stores all files from that it pulls from the users personal storage on the server in unencrypted format in a folder on the Windows or Mac client computer. The users ...

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    Upload a folder tree using HTML5 upload system

    For non-desktop users, work with folders is painfull in web Access because the HTML5 upload doesn't support Folder uploads.

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    Uploaded files have to be scanned to preventing the potential for automated distribution of infected files. You can use free ClamAV or other scanner as well

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    Improved document editing to support co-editing with special software

    Improved online editing – Document Co-editing using Libre Office or Microsoft Office. Include Libre Office as on online document solution using Filr as the back end. Much ...

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    Create automated backup process for full Filr configuration

    Backing up Filr is a manual process and since Filr is implemented as appliances, upgrading the appliance will remove any custom scripted backup routines/CRON or backup ...

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    LDAP Fault Tolerance for Authentication and Replication

    At the moment only one LDAP server is contacted during user authentication for LDAP users or during LDAP synchronization. In case that LDAP server is not reachable - the ...

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    eMail Notification before a share expires

    Notify the shared accout 30 days in advance before the share expires. As FILR immediately deletes the shared directory this could lead to unwanted business interuption.

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    Give external users a minimalist browser experience. They don't need ...

    At the moment an external user I share something with gets a clunky, non-intuitive browser experience. The thing needs to look pretty and be functional. Strip anything ...

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    Implement file delta sync

    In iFolder we have delta sync for syncing files. Of course this does not work for all file formats (that may be related to how applications handle these files themselves) ...

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    Remove the Java Runtime (JRE) Requirement From All Filr ...

    The ability to edit documents in place (such as using the "Edit This File" link), requires the Java Runtime (JRE) in Filr and Vibe. This means that it no longer works in ...

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    Filr icon at toplevel in Windows Explorer like Dropbox and OneDrive.

    This will make it more easy for users to navigate to Filr storage in Windows 10. For now you have to pin Filr icon to Quick access, enter it via the User profile folder ...

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    Support SAML 2.0 Authentication (eg. Shibboleth)

    Support for SAML 2.0 would make Filr much more useful for sharing files between Universities etc. because the beneficiary of the share could use their own credentials.

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    Filr Client Auto Update

    It would be helpfull if the Filr Desktop Client would be able to autoupdate itself if a new version is on the filr server after an update/upgrade. Many users see the ...

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    Enhance Filr's handling of expired or expiring password

    Problem Description When a NetIQ eDir user's password is close to expiring, Filr does not notify the user on login. Also, when a users password has expired Filr will not ...

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    File conflict resolution notification

    When file conflict arises the user is notified via Filr bubble notification. This is easy to miss and user is suprised that two files with similar names exist. It would ...

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    Make it possible to "hide" "My Files", "Shared with Me" & "Shared by ...

    As we want to use Filr to share some documents from shares on a Windows Server, we see a need to hide/disable "My Files", "Shared with Me" & "Shared by Me" from within ...

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    Vibe File Integration

    The idea would be to have the option of sharing a folder from within Filr into Vibe as a document repository. You'd have some sort of integration so that you could choose ...

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    So we've had Filr since day X, and we are mainly using it for sharing files with people on the outside world etc (No Desktop app installed etc) Our users love it, and ...

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    Implement LibreOffice Online* (LOOL) as a document editing solution

    Proposal: implement LibreOffice Online* (LOOL) as a document editing solution for Filr (*)REMARK: This is 'not' about integrating LibreOffice (which would be nice to ...