At the moment the only single point of failure in our large environment is the MySQL Database Server.
This has several disadvantages.

- No scaleability. All the load hits just one machine.
- A total blackout in case of a maintenance task. For instance a kernel update.
- No High-Availability on the database side.

This all provides Galera Cluster for MySQL and even more.

- Synchronous replication
- Active-active multi-master topology
- Read and write to any cluster node
- Automatic membership control, failed nodes drop from the cluster
- Automatic node joining
- True parallel replication, on row level
- Direct client connections, native MySQL look & feel

We are not expecting an additional virtual appliance for Galera.
Just the support for Galera would be more than sufficient.

Thanks for taking the time.


  • Filr, does not need to use the database appliance, you can configure it to run against existing clustered/distributed databases.

  • Thanks Robin!

    Hi Christian, we don't have any plans to certify this on Galera Cluster for MySQL ourself as its more to database deployment than Filr.

    So, please test and let know how it goes (via email)

    We will surely help in case you find any issues wrt Filr in this deployment.

    Marking this as completed.