At the moment, we have the problem, that some of our customers using extreme long paths and file names.

The appliance rejects those files uploaded by the desktop client with "path to long" in "appserver.log".


  • Have seen the same problem and my customer where we hit this error in famtd.log!

    There are many NSS deployments where customers use paths with >256 characters. Also windows supports >260 characters these days.

    1. filr should have documented what limits in the path length exist for CIFS, NCP and other protocols (did not find that in the documentation) and
    2. filr should allow longer paths - at least to the official limits of NSS with NCP and CIFS or other filesystems accessed on NAS devices / Windows Servers.

  • agree, extending the path length is a must.
    Especially if the local OS support longer filenames and paths.
    At first there should be a message if a user adds overlength path or filenames to a Filr Desktop folder.
    Not everyone monitors the Filr Desktop logs every time to verify the succesfull upload of the files.

  • Agree indeed. We have users getting a lot of issues because of this.

  • Yes. We need that too! A lot of problems cause of that!

  • NSS supports very long paths -- we are seeing users have difficulty with directories they have used for years because Filr does not support long paths.

  • Good idea - Noted!

  • I was told in SR 101064848611 that this is due to a windows limitation. This is true for Windows 7 however Windows 10 has lifted these restrictions. The Filr code would need to be changed to incorporate this new Windows 10 feature and should be. We too keep running into the long file path restrictions and users's files don't sync. It's not useful to have some files sync and others not. Explain that to the user.

  • Just to keep you posted: we have started investigating on we could support the long path on Windows 10.

  • We have released Filr 3.4.2 with Desktop Client supporting Windows Long path few hours back.

    Thanks for all your valuable inputs and patience!

    Moving this to Completed.