Heard this from one customer and thus wanted to know if any of you or your customers would be interested in this?


  • What is the idea behind this? Should the underlying operating system (SLES 11) provide this KVM support ... and for what application?

  • Currently you can run the virtual appliances in one of three Hypervisors; VMware, Hyper-V, or Citrix Xen. I believe this request is to support the KVM Hyperviosor.

  • o.k. I understand. But keep in mind, that the three supported hypervisors are "bare-metal" or type 1 hypervisors whereas KVM is running as type 2 under a supported linuy kernel. Completely different setup.

  • Support for KVM is really needed. It would NOT be an big effort to add this support. KVM are the most common hypervisor in OpenStack implementations and should obvious be supported in Filr. We want to migrate from XEN to KVM but Filr and iPrint are unfortunately stoppers at the moment.

  • We really need KVM support for the fir Filr and other appliances. We're using openXEN on SLES but are most likely going to migrate to KVM in 2017. We see both larger solutions using OpenStack and SMBs using HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) like Nutanix and Scale Computing using KVM.

    It should not add so much work because the support is already there in the kernel. This is going to be a very important decision for us going forward with Filr, iPrint and ZenWorks.

  • Noted.

    Related/same idea as at https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/novell-ideas/Idea/Detail/1483

  • Community is moving away from XEN to KVM as a standard hypervisor on Linux. Due to that there is very high pressure now to support Filr and also all other Appliances (iPrint, ZCM) on KVM.

    Is there a documented workaround how to get the current Filr adjusted to run within KVM?

    I assume in "full virtualized" mode this might work - maybe a conversion of the VMDK file to RAW or QCOW2 might be required?

    In addition it might be required to adjust the disk and network I/O to virtio..

  • Have tested Filr2 and Filr3 with KVM without any problems. I imported the ova in VirtualBox, converted disks to raw and copied to KVM host. Start appliance and install. After install completes remove drivers for VMware. At the moment we're testing Filr3, iPrint2 och Service Desk in Nutanix/AHV (KVM) and have not seen any issues so far. All appliances are built on SLES that fully supports KVM. The thing is that we need support from MicroFocus to be able to continue to use these products.

  • I agree, any appliance provided should come in the KVM flavor. We use a Scale Computing cluster here and I converted the VMDK files over for use. All is running fine. Just be nice not to have to take the extra steps. And what about upgrading? Don't you copy in a new disk file to do this?

  • Yes, bring us the professional support for KVM. New players are coming in the market (Nutanix/AHV (KVM).

  • The appliance run under KVM w/o problem. The only issue is the missing support from MF. So the only thing to do is that MF has to setup a test case for the KVM support ...

  • Hello there!. I wanted to share the good news that we've managed to migrate virtual Filr servers from SUSE Xen to SUSE Kvm.

    For this I had to download the OVF version, convert the format vmdk -> qcow2 and then proceed with the usual migration procedure. I hope this is useful.
    Note: if you need to deploy new Filr servers over KVM, you need to download the OVF, convert the vmdk to qcow2 and proceed normal following the normal importing the vm .

    We love Filr. I'll look forward to hearing from you about when KVM could be officially listed in the supported virtualization platforms.


  • Yepp, this is possible without technical problems. But this is not supported. That is the point.

  • Need KVM support for all Appliances