As a 3rd party developer I want to be able to create applications that as part of the application create and assign netfolders to users so that I can have my app setup and expose netfolder storage.

Happy Path Use Case:
1) My app creates some storage on a file server, such as a project directory
2) My app calls the API and creates a netfolder pointing to the new directory I created in step 1
3) My app calls the API to grant users, groups or ous access to the netfolder created in step 2
4) Users that need access to the project folder now have access


  • This is the sort of thing I would like to do via an IDM driver.

    Imagine that for each Project I need to run in the company I set up a Role in the IDM RBPM system. One of the permissions granted via Resources is then access to a Netfolder. So I would need to be able to have IDM send a command that does what Jason suggests in the beginning.

    This way as people move on/off project rights go with them.

    It ties Filr into a bigger Roles system than just files.

  • There is a REST API in Filr 2.0. Documentation is at

  • Filr REST APIs will help do this.

    IDM drivers: not yet planned.

  • Moving this to completed as REST APIs are already available for this.

    Please raise a new idea for IDM