Support for SAML 2.0 would make Filr much more useful for sharing files between Universities etc. because the beneficiary of the share could use their own credentials.


  • I am VERY interested in supporting SAML 2.0 authentication in Filr, but mainly because I use Access Manager and it is strange to have an application from the same company that does not support the best SSO available from its SSO product.

  • This week I have been at an other university that was asking for this feature!

  • Point taken Paul, Johnnie & Martin. Filr team understands the importance of this and is investigating this.

  • Maybe SAML authentication can be done similar to Office365 OneDrive/OneNote federation support.
    When user first authenticates, filr client can redirect user to proper Identity Provider. After successful authentication filr server can generate random credential and filr client can store that locally (if "remember me" is enabled).
    In windows that can be stored in credential manager.

  • What Sebastian suggests would be an ideal way to make it work for the sync clients.

  • I investigated little bit more about how Office 365 federated authentication works and I think it is good approach. After successful authentication they use OAUTH for client to server access, not random password.
    Same could be done for filr. When user first authenticates, filr client could redirect user to proper SAML Identity Provider. After successful authentication filr server can generate not random credentials but proper OAUTH token for filr client and filr client can store that locally.

  • Very interested in this. Lack of ability to authenticate against our SSO properly is the only thing stopping me from implementing Filr.

  • We use Shibboleth as SSO and we like to integrate Filr into that. Is it possible?

  • Good idea - Noted!

  • This would be a significant positive feature for us!

  • Hi All,

    In order to help us evaluate and plan this capability: I request your participation in a very short survey:

    It has just 8 questions and needs only 2 minutes to fill in your responses.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Would love to see this. Thank you!

  • We have been waiting for Shibboleth Authentication for a long time. In Germany we have a working Shibboleth infrastructure in all German universities. It would be pretty useful to be able to use this infrastructure.

    Take care ... Werner

  • Yes please :-)

  • +1 German University

  • It's a must have in global collaboration and content access at universities.

  • Last entry 6 months ago - still interested in this feature

  • Yes, I'm still interested

  • Me too!

  • Would be very helpfull and has a great benefit together with the Access Manager!

  • me2 :) Tought there is a BUNCH of things I'm still interested in (acually we NEED them to stay competetive...) <G>

  • Even if we got support for AA and AM, Saml or Oauth/openid support is something that is asked for

  • Guess the ongoing investigation is thorough and adequate - I guess the that the Google Authenticator would be a possibility to use if this is implemented correct? In that case I cast my vote for this!

  • Hi Flemming,
    Even before this is implemented: you can use Google Auth with Filr via Micro Focus Advanced Authentication. Please email me in case you need help on it.

  • Hi Devadas

    Yes I guess so, but I do think this would both overcomplicate, and overcost, things

  • I agree with Flemming. Most customers won't have Advanced Authentication - unless you can include it ;) Even then, Google Auth may not be the authN solution of choice.

  • SAML2 is really important in the Education sector because most universities and other institutions participate in the EduGAIN Shibboleth federation (via local federations like inCommon etc.)

  • We would like to see support for ADFS in Filr.

  • Ditto