For non-desktop users, work with folders is painfull in web Access because the HTML5 upload doesn't support Folder uploads.


  • You can always press CTRL and hit "upload Files", then the Java applet start...

  • Besides this "backdoor" is not explicit on UI, there's another issue:

  • The Java applet is not just hidden, it also gives a very bad user experience. It may or may not working depending on the browser and Java version used. Please make this work as simple as uploading files or remove the option to upload folders entirely.

  • Good idea - Noted!

  • We plan to add this capability in Filr's next release (version 3.3)

  • Folder upload with content will be very usefull for our commissioning engineers and Filed Service Engineers

  • Noted Reiner.

    Though we investigated this in Filr 3.3: we have moved the work for this idea to Filr 4.0 where we are changing the web framework we use which will help us implement this better