Allow Filr to set up a netfolder server that points to an other Filr instance (e.g partner company) and then reshare Netfolders from the remote Filr. Rights should be either mapped through or just by a single account for the remote Filr. At first allow all rights, later maybe map allowed share rights to what is allowed on the remote Filr.
Might also be a solution for WAN environments....


  • What about just adding additional Server types to Filr?

    A WebDAV netfolder server type would easily allow Filr to access a Vibe folder/Server or another Filr instance.

    What about a (S)FTP(S)-Server or SCP NetFolder type
    or Google Drive/Amazon S3, etc. etc.

    With the merged view client this would remove the current need for many tools and ugly kludges just to get Access to all places where data/files are stored.