Files within a folder can be monitored with subscribe feature. Only if new files are added. When you share a link with s.o. it is helpful to know if the end customer has successfully downloaded the file.


  • A customer has asked to receive an email when a file is downloaded

  • Great idea. it will be nice if user can access to a log of the sharing file in the web interface. Who and when file was downloaded, uploaded and not waiting subscription email. So to know the story of the file.

  • Noted. Will consider based on the interest.

  • In version 3.4 Filr will send a mail when the first user that a file has been shared with accesses it. There is a link in the mail, and on the share dialog, to a report that list when all sharees first accessed the file.

  • Moving to completed as most of this is now available as part of v3.4.