Improved online editing – Document Co-editing using Libre Office or Microsoft Office. Include Libre Office as on online document solution using Filr as the back end. Much like Google Docs but self-hosted storing data on the internal IT infrastructure.

I believe that there are companies looking for a better way to co-edit documents without relying on outsourced cloud providers. Perhaps, Filr has the potential to make this happen with some specific office suites.


  • It would be fine if I can use my local Microsoft Web Apps Server Farm for editing Microsoft Office Documents. Filr can use WOPI for the connection.

  • I missed this one, but also post an idea to integrate LibreOffice Online (LOOL) into Filr at
    Keeps tract to a lot of links with additional LOOL information and progress of the project including the recently announced Collabora CloudSuite. I got very positive feedback from customers when I show them how a LOOL and Filr integrated solution could look like even from the ones I at first did not expect if from (be the Microsoft-Unless ones). Most of them already had the experience of wracked documents due to editing them with alternative document editors on devices. Those editors are just not compatible enough and/or lack the ability to edit older versions of a document format and need to first convert before you can view/edit which makes the workflow for end-users really hard. Also most editors do just one document format, LOOL does over 100 so we can still open our documents from years ago.

    IMHO the quick route would to
    1) Partner with them to get the needed hooks in Filr (and Vibe, other,..). We (customers) take a subscription on the Cloudsuite to have a supported appliance on site and able to open and (co-)edit our documents from Filr in a web page.
    2) Partner with them to provide a supported and 'MF branded appliance' which 'we' can buy directly from MF.
    3) The probably not so fast route: if MF wants 'full control' the should build their own LOOL appliance.

    To get an overview of the LOOL solution and get early access take a look at

  • An update on the progress of LOOL and co-edit I like to share: last month the first production ready Collabora Online 1.0 “Engine” ("COOL") for Hosters and Clouds was released. This is just open source LOOL, but which comes with support of Collabora to get it integrated in your solutions. This release does support co-edit, improvements on that are planned in the next few months as is rich document editing.

    As this release in my opinion already looks pretty good as it is, I hope we can get LOOL integrated in Filr soon. When we can get iPrint also integrated (mind "web-print" is planned for later this year) a user can edit and print documents which stay in the datacenter at all times. Basically there is then no need to download a (especially case large documents, which have limitations on mobile devices) document to the device to to able to edit or print.

    Those who want to play with the most recent LOOL version can download a "CODE" appliance which will get you a working environment within minutes and which has the most recent LOOL updates on board (does also auto update when new updates are released by the developers).

  • An update on co-edit with COOL; just early this month CODE 2.0 has been released with co-edit support. The document editing features are also getting much better, hope we can add this to Filr soon.

  • Good idea - Noted!

  • +1 for any collaborative editing capability

  • (and COOL/CODE 2.0 looks fantastic - brilliant idea Sebastiaan)

  • An update on the ability of rich online (co)editing: recently CODE 3.0 was released, meaning it's now possible to have rich online editing. While CODE is the preview edition of Collabora's LibreOffice Online this means the enterprise supported Collabora Online will be available soon too.

    More info on the CODE 3 release and some screenshot's showing the rich editing dialog's available:

  • Hello,

    great idea, it's really a hot feature request.
    Many of our scientits asks for the integration on an online editing tol in Filr. In my opinion an API to the most intresting tools like COOL or a libreoffice based tool would be great.

    Remark: ownCloud/nextCloud as an free cometiton have this up and running, so it would be great if this feature can be integrated in the near future.

  • COOL works perfectly fine with Nextcloud in a browser, just still missing the Nextcloud Mobile App integration. So whoever fixes that first gets my vote...

  • Just a quick heads up... LOOL/COOL are not slowing down; small overview of planned enhancements in upcoming versions:
    * Mobile UX improvements
    * Ability to start Sharing in the COOL UI
    * Insert images from... [in our case directly from Filr NetFolders]
    * Based on LibreOffice/Collabora Office 6 which has much improved document filters
    * UX/UI speed and visual improvements

    Have a look at a recent presentation of COOL 3.4 and upcoming 4.0 (presented on the Nextcloud Conference). Shows some nice examples of MS Offlice Online VS LOOL/COOL too.

  • We would like to see this feature developed.

    Any idea when we can see this in Filr,Devadas?

  • Hi Wilfred, all,

    We have-been/are working to get a partnership for this.

    Based on when the partnership is signed: this may happen in Filr 4.0 or post 4.0

  • Hi Dev
    Thanks for this Infos, but what is the timeframe for 4.0 and post 4.0.
    a half year, one year ore more?

  • Tentative timelines are as under:
    4.0: half year from now :)
    4.1: four months post 4.0

  • Good news, this has finally reached the Planned stage. Filr 4.1 should at least have a TP leveraging CODE :)