We are currently using a PDF mark up app called PDF Expert. It connects to Filr using WebDAV. But tends to break after some upgrades (to either Filr or PDF Expert). It would be great if the Filr app included markup capabilities instead of only being a viewer.


  • This is a feature greatly desired by our Chief Operating Officer. He feels that this function would allow the leadership team to make significantly more use of filr.

  • This could be implemented as part of the planned Online Document Editing solution (https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/novell-filr/Idea/Detail/1095)

    The good news is I think is that much needed work is already done for the upcoming LibreOffice 6.3 and called "Redaction" here:
    This feature will then end up in LOOL when build from LO63.

    As LO is able to import PDF's and able to open most other documents this would allow us to get in Annotation as this is just a subset of "Redaction" with other/more (custom) "collor pensils and stamps".

  • Noted.