As we want to use Filr to share some documents from shares on a Windows Server, we see a need to hide/disable "My Files", "Shared with Me" & "Shared by Me" from within the WebUI!

The purpose is, to make sure that the logged in user only see's what is interesting ("Net folders"), and that this is opened by default.

An alternative (not as good), could be to set the "Net folders" as the default view on login to the WebUI.

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  • Agreed - valid and good input.

    We too have thought of this and have it in our backlog. Your votes matters - so looking forward to hearing from more of you.

  • Hi Devadas

    you have it in you backlog you say... what does that mean? Is it planned... or are you thinking about planning it ;)

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  • Hi Flemming,

    "Backlog" is our list of things to do :)

    This is not yet planned, but under consideration based on the relative priority of other items in backlog.

  • For a particular customer, the need is to share some folders from the Net folders for using by external users. The need here would be to hide 'My files', 'Shared by me' and 'Net Folders' for external users. So it would be the best to enable the admin to enable/disable each of these tabs for a group of users or at least, system wide.

  • Let's "bump" this up - in the backlog, and no words of this in over an year?

  • In addition to being able to hide the entire toolbar, "My Files", "Shared with Me", "Shared by Me", "Net Folders" "Show People", and "Browse Filr" should each have the option to Hide or Make Visible. This way, ALL customer needs/scenarios can be satisfied.

  • Hi All,

    We are revamping Filr's web client in 4.0 and are considering implementing this idea.

    Instead of giving an admin option to disable these: how about showing the top level folders (like My Files, Net Folder etc) only if the particular user has files in it or access to it.


  • I like that idea. It makes sense to me. The interface should not show something if the user has no reason to use it (either no files or no access). And I don't need another task as an admin to go in and turn things on and off.