Filr stores all files from that it pulls from the users personal storage on the server in unencrypted format in a folder on the Windows or Mac client computer. The users entire Home Directory can end up being cached in completely accessible format.

Full disk encryption is not an option as we plan on allowing users to install the Filr client on home computers and BYOD devices that we have no control over. We don't control the platforms where the users will install the desktop clients.

Extend the Filr client on Mac and Windows to encrypt the local files folder where server files are cached. Require authentication to the Filr server in order to access the local folder. Thus keeping the folder reasonably secure by keeping the data encrypted unless the user authenticates.

Continue to solidify Filr as the Secure Enterprise alternative to DropBox and other "Cloud" storage solutions that do not encrypt their local file store.


  • You might have to be able to cache the local login because a user will want
    to have access to their files while not connect to a network (ie. working in a plane)

  • Perhaps add "Protect with PIN" option ? Might be annoying or not needed for most users, but if it could be set on user/group/share then it is another level of security ?

  • The encryption for the Filer have to be on client and server site. This is important issue to get this product. Customer request similar thing as iFolder (encryption on server site)

  • Filr team has started working on encryption at client side!!! Will reach out to all of you on getting some early feedback on the plans.

  • Thats great news!

  • Local encryption will be great and we also need it. However, what about users that may need to work on a file offline when they can't authenticate to the server, like while driving or flying? Maybe need a PIN/password for offline access to the encrypted folder/files?

  • Yes, we will support ability access files when offline.

  • Does this planned feature would also include encryption en the server side? like ifolder used to have?

    I know that encryption on NetFolders or Home Folders wouldn't be covered, but it would be nice to have encryption on local Filr Storage. I have been asked a few time about this.

  • Local Filr sotrage is not encrypted but well "scrambled" , isn't it?

  • storage, I mean

  • any release date?

  • Hi all I'm also interested in this feature.
    Any chance to know the release date?

  • I'd love feedback on how this will be addressed now that this feature is planned. We've had to take steps to use the Mac/Windows local encryption on the Filr Desktop App Folders as a stop gap. This seems to be working okay for now, but I have the same issue as previous posts.

  • Chris you will get release date soon, it was discussed on OH Summit , I´m not sure if I´m under NDA.

  • As the topic is set to "planned" and the comment on release date is over a year ago ... any good news? And will it be available in the standard version?

  • Hi Klaus, All,

    I apologize for not keeping you posted on this.

    This is one (and only) idea which we had to abort implemention as we wanted to use a stronger framework (than what the operating systems provides) for this.

    We are replanning this, I will share the update in couple of months.

  • Any update on this?

  • any update on this ? perhaps some good news ?