The Filr Web Client is already integrated with KeyShield. It would be really nice if the desktop clients also would be integrated just like the latest GroupWise Windows Client (2014 R2).



  • Valid for Vibe as well. By REST API integration, any client including mobile ones can be SSO integrated. 2FA/2FPC on mobiles will be supported by KeyShield SSO clients during 2016H2.
    Thank you Magnus

  • I agree, if the main application supports it all access methods should.

  • Agree, we need this.

  • Would be great having that feature available - Great idea

  • This is a must

  • yeah, i would like to see this soon.

  • That would be a great improvement and convenience for our users.

  • We get a lot of confusion over password changes, so having this feature would definitely improve the opinion of both of these products.

  • Yes, this would be a very useful option.

  • It will complete the SSO integration of Filr

  • Interesting idea - Noted!

  • We need this for all Filr Desktop Clients, Windows, Mac, Linux.