Backing up Filr is a manual process and since Filr is implemented as appliances, upgrading the appliance will remove any custom scripted backup routines/CRON or backup clients installed.

Filr could really use it's own scheduled backup routine that could export all necessary data to an external location. This backup routine would back up all necessary configuration data to an external location. It could be a SMB/CIFS, NFS, SFTP, or other easily accessible location. It could be a Windows or OES server or even just a data path on the SAN/NAS.

This would not back up the users data just the complete configuration of the Filr implementation to retain all Administrator settings and user share settings, etc. Even just adding a web based option to create a backup and download it once created would be a huge improvement to manually backing up MySQL.


  • backup the whole configuration into an xml file, similar to what a Sophos UTM does, then when you build a new appliance/server, ask the question if you wish to restore a configuration....and as if by magic the appliance/server is configured with the restored configuration...

  • Backup of user home files (when on Filr, of course)

  • Good feedback - Noted!

  • This is idea is pretty essential. Having to run MySQL backups manually is ok for large companies with DB admins but for a small shop like ours with just 50 Filr users and no real MySQL skills it makes running Filr harder than it should be.