The idea results from a ticket, because in our opinion the functionality was there with the Filr 3 , but after upgrading to version 4 was no longer possible.
As far as we can see it is not described anywhere that it does not work or is not supported for external users. No documentation about this. External users are also shown the message that they can download the client.

If you display/do the setting for the desktop client so that you can download and use it, it will be visible to everyone, you can't tell which users you are offering the desktop client to. If it is not supported, it should not be displayed for external users.


  • This Idea is used and functional for more than 2 year on our site. Without a further quick support of this in the V4 client, the product is preatty useless for us.

    At the moment after upgrade to V4 several business critical project are extreamly slowed down.

    Thus we neeed the functinality in the next week back in the V4 client, or the projects will migrate to another plattform, which is the end ov Filr ...

    I can't imagine, how someone can think the externel users didn't need the client ... look at OneDrive, GoogleDrive, DropBox ...

  • This was standard i think cince Filr 2.x We are using this funktionality to share project files with customers and partners. This was wiped out without any notice from Filr 4.1. Wen need this back immediately. We and pur customers cannot update to Filr 4, we need to stay on now unsupported Fir 3.

  • I agree...

  • Yes this would be helpful (I searched them this week).
    Additional I suggest to add checkboxes on share-creation:
    Allow desktop-client for external users
    and as suboption
    Allow offline files

  • Should be back in v4.x as soon as possible. If we want to compete with other platforms, it is needed...

  • Hi, we used this function (external users with filr client) heavily for projects. We need this function working with 4.x filr!!!