It would be great if we can control the Sharing of “My Files” like a “Net Folder”.
At the Moment it is not possible to let a User Share something on a Network Folder but not on My Files.
If we disable the Sharing under "Share and Comment Settings" the User can not share files at all so this is not a Solution.
As Workaround we map the Personal Share of an User to an Net Folder.


  • Noted

  • You can set sharing rights rights for a users 'My files'.

    Log in as an administrator, go to the administration console/users
    Check the users you wish to change
    On the more menu select 'Workspace share rights'
    Set the rights and click 'OK'

  • Hi Marco,

    Can you confirm if this is what you were looking for?

  • Hi,

    yes that is what i was looking for.
    But I miss a global Setting or per Group based Setting.
    Is this also possible ?