In the web client, when a new user logs in a yellow bar is displayed at the top of the page "Click the username menu to download the Filr Desktop Application". While this may be a handy tip for some, it suggests to the user that they *SHOULD* do that. I don't want users being bothered about that, especially external users whom I wish to simply use the web interface; I don't want them messing about with any clients at all. If I want a user to have a client, I'll give it to them or tell them how to get it.

So a global "disable client download hint" option would solve this issue.


  • I should point out that the "Allow desktop applications to: Be deployed" checkbox is no solution at all. With that disabled, then no one can get a client at all, even users with existing clients installed can't get upgrades.
    That would be an additional request, to be able to disable the entire "Download Filr Desktop app" menu entry, while still allowing clients to be deployed by distributing the correct URL and allowing installed clients to update themselves.

  • Hi Dave, We have removed the "tip" in new/beta interface of web client with Filr 4

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Devadas, thank you very much indeed for responding quickly to this problem. Actually Filr 4 differs quite a bit from Filr 3 here which makes the upgrade more difficult. With Filr 3 and the "Be deployed" checkbox empty the user will not get a notification and no menue entry for downloading the client. As we distribute the client through our own software repositories this is perfect for us.
    I would like Filr 4 to be configured in the same way. An improvement might be, as Dave suggested, not to link the ability to manually download the client from the web page with the upgrade function for the client. These should be two different settings for the administrator both with an off and on switch.

  • well I've found the beta interface to be completely unusable so far, but I look forward to it maturing enough to make it the default interface.

  • Question, have your external users been able to use the desktop client earlier? Before the Filr 4 version was released?

  • @Ivan: I don't suppose it ever occurred to me to try having an external user install the desktop client. As far as I know it would have worked.

  • Any update on this topic? With the new web interface still in beta for Filr 4.1 I do need a solution for the classic web interface quite urgently. With the "Be deployed" option no checked the notification and menu entry should not show up. Just like in Filr 3. I do not understand why this has been changed. It will create a lot of work for our help desk.