At this moment it is NOT possible to change any colors inside Filr.
Especially if you need to create an account and your password is wrong... the colors are: WHITE on a YELLOW background.

I have created SR# 101223696951 to get this fixed.
Unfortunately it is not possible (yet). So that 's why this Idea.

@Micro Focus,
the guy/girl who originally created this Filr stuff.... was he/she color blind?


  • Noted Willam, will take care of this in the new Web Client (under revamp)

  • I have found the solution: modify the file /opt/novell/filr/apache-tomcat/webapps/ssf/static/19-04-2018-1256/js/gwt/gwtteaming/GwtTeaming.css

    background-color: #BABABA;

    I know that this is a work-around. Please make it permanent in the newer version