After release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS we greatly awaiting filr-client for those systems.

Since the LTS support of 16.04 concerning hardware support and maintenance updates has already expired in mid 2018, it is recommended to use the LTS version 18.04 of Ubuntu as base. We do this in our pools.



  • Please! Update the linux client for Ubuntu 18.04

  • Would be great!!! It is over a year that 18.04 was released and the next Ubuntu LTS Version is right around the corner during next spring. We need a client, which supports a modern Ubuntu.

  • Customers wait impatently for this. Very important feature.

  • definitely - we need an update!

  • Please update the Linux client. Thanks.

  • After awaiting 9 mounth our company decided to change to nextcloud. One of the main facts was the insufficient support of linux. What a shame for a linux driven company.