Having deleted a context which was used by Filr to sync users the whole sync process gets broken and on Manual sync an error is dropped ldap error code 32 - nds error no such entry (-601) (Annotation we are using quite a few contexts to sync users to Filr, with just one context the error might be easy to fix)

It would be great if the error behaving of the ldap sync could be changed in the following way

1) A more meaningful error message would be great
2) The sync of other existing contexts should be finished so the impact of this error would be less dramatic (Sync everything and at the end give a warning what didnt work not like it is now sync nothing and give an error message telling you not really what´s the matter (at least the context that didn´t work would be great))
3) eMail notification of ldap sync error would be great

Wrote that idea as a result of a SR and the recommendation of the engineer, who agreed with me that at least the error message should be more user friendly.