As a Filr admin I've just run into the fact that I cannot map a FTP server to our Filr environment as a Net folder.
I'd like to be able to do see my FTP servers' contents through Filr. This way I wouldn't have to open my FTP servers to the public network, they could stay inside our environment safely and Filr would do the job of letting users access those files on the FTP servers via the Web Access interface.
So it would be more secure, more organized (since essentially all FTP servers could be mapped into Filr) and of course more comfortable to the users. In my understanding Filr is the product to access every single corporate information in one place no matter what server those information are stored on.


  • What we are doing is to migrate data from our old FTP server (now end of life) into Filr rather than share to Filr. Not sure if that is possible for you or not.