Problem Description

When a NetIQ eDir user's password is close to expiring, Filr does not notify the user on login. Also, when a users password has expired Filr will not allow the user to log in. Filr needs to be positioned so that it will support user's who may not log into the Novell network using Groupwise or the Novell Client. As such, these users will not be prompted to change their expiring password and instead will just be locked out of Filr when it occurs.

Proposed Solution

Enhance Filr to notify and prompt the user to change the password. When it is close to expiration, notify the user and offer to allow to change the password. When the password has expired prompt the user immediately to change the password.

Perceived Benefit

This is position Filr to function without any other system in place for password changes. Making Filr much more robust and secure by supporting the expiration of passwords on user accounts.


  • Integrate with Password Self service tool and SSPR local client extensions for password reset. Also make it easy to add password reset through
    Access Manager set ups.

  • I'll second this one along with more SSO options (which can then handle the password expiry as well). I'm thinking Jasig CAS specifically for our institution.

  • Hereby i would like to see that external users get a rule to change their password after a period (30/ 60) days configurable form Admin.

  • Please, do not limit this for eDirectory - but be sure to support Active Directory too.

  • We've been caught out by this too. We've had users with expired passwords, who've logged into eDirectory (as they've got some grace logins), who were unable to access Filr - but no warning was given to the user.

  • Good idea - Noted!

  • +1 for the ability to alert ahead of expiry, and to be able to change Active Directory passwords. As a service provider, this would be invaluable.