When creating folders and subfolders for sharing with external entities, a description text for each folder would be great.

We use folders for each document type, and the customers is expected to upload the various types of documents in correct folder. So rather than having to send an email to customers explaining where to upload their documents, a short info directly in the webclient would ease the usage.

It could be implemented by using a predefined text file in the the folder that is not shown to the user.

Fx. if FILR encounters "filr.xx.txt" (where xx represents a language code), it should view the contents in an information pane , the files themselves should be excluded from the view .


  • This actually could be quite useful.

    But i definitely do not want any such meta-data to be put in a file in the filesystem. The description has to stay and come from inside the Filr system. It is actually already there, just not fully exposed in the ui.

  • Noted