In iFolder we have delta sync for syncing files. Of course this does not work for all file formats (that may be related to how applications handle these files themselves) like for MS Office.

Now I have a customer that has a 2 GB TrueCrypt file and he says both Dropbox and Nomadesk handle his larger files much quicker. That may be true for some of his files, but after reading for example one can argue how much benefit there is for users in general.

Nonetheless some file formats do really benefit, like the customers TrueCrypt file And as he does travel a lot to countries with just cell phone lines for Internet communication, you do not want to sync such large files fully.

Delta sync references:


  • Good idea - Noted!

  • We have media agency customers using Filr, who work on 5GB-10GB+ sometimes, so delta change uploads would be very useful.

  • Hi, there seems to be no progress in this filed of differential sync functionality in filr ...

    Are there any plans to implment? At our University, we have project, dealing with huge file sizes (e.g. GIS data), thus it would be very helpful to have a fast sync feature in filr, in the case a scientist edits the metadata of such a big file.

  • As there are several file types that might not be "happy" being delta synchronized (like ie. -flaim- databases) it would make sense to have some sort of -admin controlled- blacklist to prevent certain files from delta synced.

  • We work a lot wit large (mostly AutoCAD) files so it would be good to have delta sync in place.