Currently the use of NetFolders is restricted to a few GB in size, as all files meta data is read into the Filr Appliance. With 2.0 the ability to brows NetFolders without synchronizing everything will come, but it would be great to have the same on the backend - might have some risks and desktop sync should be restricted to subfolders and search will not work (or be incomplete), but with JIT sync some parts are already there.
Idea on how it would work:
1) Create a opportunistic NetFolder, the only thing read is the root directory of where the NetFolder points
2) As soon as a user starts to browse read the directories and deliver results to user
3) remember last access to folder
4) Nightly (or maybe hourly) resync accessed areas - while doing so, remove information about folders that are old (configurable, default e.g. 30 days)


  • Excellent idea,