Sometimes there are some projects with sub-folders, with different access-rights for external project members
As Ex. the top folder has read-only for several external users. Some sub folders has r/w access for some users above, but not for all the same.

Each external user get some folders in area "shared for me". As the user "see" all sub folder of the project in the read-only share, they browse to the sub directory and like to save any data to the directory the should should have r/w access. This is not possible
They see different shares in "shared for me", which are sub folders of the project above.

We like to have the top folder in "share for me" only and the rights are applied to sub folders as give on shares on sub folders.



  • I think this should include internal users as well.
    Think "filesystem rights" into FILR would be great and expand the usability, and make using it easier.
    Giving access to a top folder should be blockable on subfolders as well. Sometimes you need to give a group of users explicit rights to a subfolder but some of the other users should not inherit the read access from above.

  • To improve readability the list should collapse and aggregate multiple shared subfolders to the top level folder. However i want to be able to see the actual assigned rights. So it must be possible to expand the list to see the individual shares with corresponding subfolder rights.