Uploaded files have to be scanned to preventing the potential for automated distribution of infected files. You can use free ClamAV or other scanner as well


  • Block specific filetypes (like *.exe) from uploading for certain groups would also be nice

  • Whats about gwava solution like the vibe plugin ?

  • Like AntiVirus scanning on NAS systems ICAP would be a nice feature to integrate third party antivirus scanners.

  • put GWAVA onto the appliance, should be easier now after Micro Focus acquisition of GWAVA Inc.

  • Good idea! That is the plan Thomas :)

  • Strongly support.

  • We need an ICAP to scan for malware, or any AV like GWAVA, because filr withour AV is a security hole to corporate net

  • Now that Filr 3.3 Request File Upload has implemented it's really needed we have (GWAVA) hooked into Filr.

  • Can´t believe that there is still no option to scan uploaded files for malware?
    A professional enterprise ready file sharing solution that provides no options for malware scanning seems to be outdated in these days... ?