So we've had Filr since day X, and we are mainly using it for sharing files with people on the outside world etc (No Desktop app installed etc)

Our users love it, and have uploaded around 50GB of data so far. So very happy.

I'm the admin, and i'm not i don't see a way to be able to "clean" up the system, by deleting files off the server. I think theres a way todo it on a shared folder case by case basis, but i need a way to be able to easily see all files/folders that haven't been accessed in X amount of day, and then blitz that data.

Because at this rate, i'll just have to keep increasing the disk space on the server, as users keep adding things. I know i could ask the users to cleanup their own stuff often does that happen?

Am i missing something obvious, or is this a enhancement request? Thanks


  • This is a good and valid enhancement request Richard. We will keep this in mind when enhancing Filr's reporting capabilities which should help in identifying such files.

  • To enhance the handling and visibility of deletable files would be great. Another thing I would like to see is a configurable time, after which files and folders are automatically purged, when moved to trash.

  • If you go ahead with this, add a second feature of "[ ] Protect items in this folder from auto cleanup" just like GroupWise has done for Folders in the GroupWise Windows client. You might want some Folders to keep its content intact and not be part of the Cleanup policy.

  • Ha! Just refound this request, as i knew i lodged it. And ironically i'm looking for it after....our Filr ran out of disk space as we've no way to clean it up.

    I'll assume nothing has happened with this request?

  • Hi Richard, you are right: we haven't started working on this yet.

    The plan is to work on this in Filr 4.0 (planned for early 2018) where in we will revamp the GUI and reporting.