New iOS devices now use HEIC instead of JPG for default. If a user emails an HEIC file to himself, it is converted to JPG. If a user uploads an HEIC file using Dropbox, it is converted to JPG. It would be great if the Filr iOS app also had this option to convert from HEIC to JPG during upload.


  • Usefull!

  • Multiple Customers requesting this feature!

  • Noted

  • Note that Filr is already saving photos taken inside Filr app on iOS 11 as JPG

    We plan to extend this convert HEIC photos that gets uploaded to Filr from camera roll and shared from other apps

  • Thank you!

  • This is implemented, will be available in the next version of Filr iOS app!

  • Update:
    We have implemented this idea in the latest version of Filr iOS app (3.4.1)

    Note that all photos will be saved in JPG format unless the setting "Save in HEIC Format" is explicitly turned on

    Thanks for your idea and inputs!

    Moving this to "Completed".