With Novell Filr, files and folders can be shared with external users.
External users need to setup a password at first login but a valid password can also be something like "aaa", "123" etc. The possibility to specify a complex password criteria should be helpfull in order to be compliant with the Italian regulation about privacy.


  • Password expire policy is very important too!!!

  • I wrote my feature request on https://secure-www.novell.com/rms on beginning of April and nobody answered me since then.
    Few days ago I receive an email where you suggest to use https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/novell-filr instead of https://www.novell.com/rms and I simply added the request in the new site.

    I will check the new release as you suggest here https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/novell-ideas/Idea/Detail/242

  • May be i do not fully understand the request. Because Filr 2.0 includes Microsoft PWD Compexability. You just have to enable it.

  • Good idea - Noted!

  • Hi Andrea, as Harald shared - we have this from Filr 2.0 itself.

    Could you recheck and confirm if this meets your requirement in this idea?

  • When I opened this idea the complex password policy was apply only to internal users not to the users that can register themself when sombody share a folder to an external email. Like I wrote, those user can chose simple password like "aaa" regardless of the password policy. If that is changed, fine. I can't check right now, I'm just writing to clarify the original reported problem which is not the existence of the policy itself but the lack of enforcing it for external users.

  • I have tested this in 3.4 and external users need to conform to the password policy, if it is enabled.

  • Moving to completed!