Currently the only 2 possible ways to update Filr appliances are either directly connected to the Customer Care update servers, or via a SMT11 server that has the Filr 3 channels mirrored.

Several network environments have an outbound internet connection over a Proxy.
Therefor it would make sense to allow Filr appliances to use this proxied outbound internet connection to connect to the Micro Focus Customer Care update servers, if not over a secondary virtual network interface.


  • It should be -for instance- possible, using default linux tools and configuration options to allow all Filr related communication over eth0 and all MFCC update related communication over eth1.
    This way the regular Filr communication is not redirected over the network proxy.

  • Noted

  • I believe Filr does this now the documentation says: "With Filr 3.3, the Online Update feature in the 9443 Appliance Console is enhanced to enable you to
    register and update the Filr Appliances (Filr, Filr Search or Filr MySQL) through proxy server."

  • That is correct. Thanks Robin!

    Moving to completed.