We have SNMP activated on nearly every sever and monitor mainly CPU usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage and Interface Usage. Our monitoring tool will alert us on high CPU usage or when a disk gets full.
Together with MicroFocus Support we were able to enable SNMP through the CLI, however it was a bit of a pain enabling SNMP and adding Firewall policies on the CLI. In my opinion, this is not user friendly at all.

That's why I would like to have an option on the Filr Backend Webpage, where I can configure all the SNMP Settings (SNMP Version, Read / Write Communities / Allowed Hosts / etc) including an automated Firewall exclusion for Port 161 and 162 when the option is activated.

I know it is only a one-time configuration but in my opinion, the future versions of Filr have to support SNMP and have to have the capability of configuring these settings on the Backend Webpage.


  • Thanks for the idea Adrian.

    Need few more details:
    - Would you also be looking for support for SNMP traps OR does the tools you already have check the status periodically and alter of abnormalities?
    - What is the monitoring solution you would be using?