Maybe it would be nice just to scroll through photos like windows photo viewer?


  • Customers ask for this. Dropbox and others have this.

  • Valid idea - Noted!

  • is it planned allready?

  • We've several customers that struggle with MDM and backing up photo's for which they are forced to sync those to iCloud today. We are really in need of a proper way to backup those photo's, review those, (re-) share etc and it would make much sense to upload those to Filr.

    We need:
    -Auto upload of photo's; as part of backup and a way to easily share and use those from Filr after the upload process.
    -Default sync the photo's to a bucked within the Filr (shared, local) storage
    -Optionally (or later if needed from a development perspective) have the ability to sync those photo's to a NetFolder in and admin determined structure; eg
    Exposing [NetFolder]\<username> as "HOME\My pictures" in Filr's "My Files" and have a Small Galley option for List/thumbnail/small/lage etc to view those files.

    Would be nice if the (COOL, Open- and Microsoft) Office plugin's could insert pictures from this store directly into a document, or into an email using the GroupWise or Outlook plugin's. That would make a easy workflow for the user.

  • This is largely available in the Filr code;
    "Working with Photo Album Folders"

  • Hi Wilfred,

    We will be doing this but timelines are not yet decided.

  • Is there any news about this idea?