for easy deployment, maintaining and scaling it would be good to have a common appliance for Micro Focus products and Add-ons

- Deployment as VM basic template (SLES11/12)
- Store / repository for installable products
- Update over SMT server (SMT server would be on the first Appliance)
- Install Micro Focus Products like SMT, Filr, Vibe, GMS, GroupWise, GroupWise Messenger, iPrint, ServiceDesk, ZCM, OES ...
- Install common products like Database (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
- Install common products for search indexer
- Install Add-on products like GWAVA, Retain, KeyShield SSO, SecureAnyBox
- common solution for backup
- common monitoring


  • I think what you are describing is OES-as appliance ;)

  • yes, the Common Appliance with OES as addon would be one of the possibilities. DSFW would be a good example, because using an OES server as DSFW server prevents using other OES comonents like iPrint. And iPrint 2.1 is a appliance today.