Just had a user stop by with his iPad that he updated to iOS 9. From the mail app he can attach files from other apps - but Filr is not listed as an option. We need this!


  • This is possible now! Not sure if it was a Filr update or something Apple did. I'm just glad it works now. iOS Mail App, new mail, add attachment, Filr is listed under locations! Kudos to whoever took care of this!

  • https://youtu.be/pkvGhc1WmWE - How To Use Filr on iOS and iOS Extensions

  • While the youtube example works on my IOS device I tried the same thing using the Adobe Acrobat app and unfortunately Filr isn't listed as an option. This would be useful for mobile users that need to access fill-in PDF files to submit.

  • Hi,
    In Android I can directly send the file attached to the mail from Filr app (send file button), with iOS I have to use an application that opens the file, and then attach it via mail

  • Thanks for your idea and inputs on this!

    Need the following information:

    a) Ken: can you confirm if you are able to attach a file in the default mail app that comes with iOS devices. Asking as am not able to find a way to attach files from the compose window of default iOS mail app

    b) Tim: can you recheck this with the latest apps (Filr and Adobe) on a iOS 11 device and let know if you are now able to see Filr listed in the "Locations"

    c) Marco: Mobile Apps listed under "Open In" is controled by iOS based on the file's type/MIME. And thus is not availble to other apps "Open In" including that of Filr. Note that some of the other apps may allow the file to be exported. But in order to support Black/Whitelisting of apps in Filr server - we aren't allowing Filr app to export the files.

  • Devadas,
    I have an iPad with iOS 11.4. I open the iOS mail app, place the cursor in the body, select the paper clip, and then under locations, I select Filr, browse to a PDF and select it and it gets attached to the message. Works great!

  • Thanks for enlightening an Android device owner me) Ken :)

  • Moving this to completed.

    Tim/Marco: please email me based on your tests.