So we have noticed that it is impossible to add a file (attachment) from groupwise directly to filr via a browser (gwise via client to filr via browser).direct drag and drop doesn't work.
Workaround: drag file(s) to desktop first then drag to filr via web client/browser.

Should I bring this to the attention of support?

who would want this: my Staff
why it's valuable to them: eliminates a step (dragging files to desktop first)
how it would be used: as stated: drag files directly to filr
if necessary, how this differs from other related ideas or existing features: not sure if this is a bug or just my environment


  • Noted

  • I don't know if this hase changed in GW 18 But I can drag a file attached to a message in GroupWise 18 and drop it on the Filr page open Firefox and it will upload the file to the folder.

  • The drag and drop from GroupWise also works with Edge, Chrome and IE

  • Moving to completed based on Robin's confirmation.