When you receive a meeting request you can accept or decline the appointment with ZMW.

If the sender of the request added some notes to the appointment, you see neither the date nor the time of the meeting.
Even if the sender has just a signature in the meeting request (are there any professional people working
without mail signatures???) you won´t see the date and time of the meeting before accepting the appointment.
So you can either accept the meeting without knowing date and time (know that you don´t get a warning for conflicting times) or change to calendar, search the calendar for the meeting request, check date and time, return to mailbox and either accept or decline the appointment.

I supposed this to be a bug and created a Service Request, but TechSupport told me that this behaviour is correct.

"I am seeing the same behavior that you are reporting, so I have discussed this with development. They have confirmed that currently, this the correct behavior. When receiving a meeting request, if there is no content in the body field, we generate the start and end date message. But if a body content is already present, we leave it in place without touching it. Therefore this configuration is currently by design. If this is not the desired behavior, I would recommend submitting an enhancement for future consideration under the Ideas page for the behavior that you would prefer to see. Ideas posted here are considered for future releases. https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/mf-zmw"

I think it is correct to leave existing body content in place.

But accepting or declining meetings, without knowing when they are going to take place, doesn´t make any sense to me.

So please find a way to display the information of date and time for a meeting request.

Thank you!