Right now there is no conflict warning when accepting appointments.

Steps to reproduce:
1. User A creates an appointment for a meeting with user B (i.e. next day 1pm-2pm)
2. User B accepts the appintment (either with groupwise client or with ZMW app)
3. User C creates an appointment for a meeting with user B for the same timeframe (next day 1pm-2pm) 4. When User B accepts the appointment using ZMW App he doesn´t get a warning, that there is a schedule conflict.
So User B has accepted two appointments for the same time.

I think, displaying a warning for the schedule conflict is mandatory function.
So I rated the behaviour to be a bug and created a service request.

But techsup gave me the following answer:

"I too was seeing this same behavior and discussed this with development. Development has confirmed that this is a case that is not managed by the client application. This enhancement has already been filed for future consideration as it certainly is a beneficial enhancement. If you would like to increase the priority of this enhancement, you can feel free to file it on our ideas page: https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/mf-zmw"

So please vote for the idea. :-)