Integrate a SSO solution in the Browser so users do not need to put in their credentials constantly. I think we would prefer to use NetIQ Securelogin as this integrates with the IDM framework. The working would be as that the user logs into ZMW and while ZMW knows the user identity it enters the Securelogin fault on the network to sync credentials into the ZMW App "database". When a user starts the ZMW browser and opens an URL SecureLogin kicks in if it recognizes and URL. A resync is with the SecureLogin fault is needed scheduled and/or case a login fails to get any new credentials set on the network fault. These password my be updated in the fault by the user or by IDM system (pre)setting the passwords (the cool think of IDM+SecureLogin(+AccessManager) users do not even really need to know certain passwords ever as the 'framework' can set those passwords upfront for the user and the endpoint agents log the user in when a resource is accessed.