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    Novell Messenger without password integration is unusable

    Novell Messenger need password integration... KeyShield would be fine (maybe cooperation with TDP = quick solution)

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    Clients for Linux

    I am Linux user (using of SuSE Linux). With other users we miss some clients: 1. Groupwise (v. 8 is functional but without new functions) 2. Filr (synchronizing via ...

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    Merge Vibe and Filr Desktop Client, allow multiple accounts.

    Those using both Vibe and Filr on their desktop/laptop need to install who clients to get to their files. Filr and Vibe share code base server side, guess this is also ...

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    Send to Vibe function in Vibe Desktop

    Add a "Send to...Vibe" Windows Explorer integration to the Vibe Desktop..In the Vibe Desktop setting have the ability to set the default destination folder of the "Send ...