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    Let the Vibe add-in for Excel auto-lock a file

    Vibe supports co-editing, Word does too. But Excel does not, which is too bad, we could really use that. Second best: It would be very helpfull for us if the Vibe ...

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    Let the add-in ask for the new password when the password is changed ...

    When the Vibe Add-in can't log in because of a changed password, please let the add-in ask for the new password.

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    MS Office Add-in Enhancement for Custom Entries

    Most of our customers make use of custom entry types where more meta data is captured when documents are uploaded in Vibe. The MS Office Add-in should recognise which ...

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    Vibe Add-in for MAC OS

    More of my users asks for Add-in for Microsoft Office on MAC OS

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    Ask for change password in Vibe - Outlook add-in or integration with ...

    Vibe add-in for Office need to be integrated with Novell account (similar as GW ar via KeyShield SSO). Users usualy lose their connectivity Office - Vibe when they have ...

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    Backup / Restore

    Problem Description: Sometimes users accidentally delete files on the vibe server. That's why we have file level backup and database backup to a second server. But if ...

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    Include all the metadata when I use the GW Vibe plugin to move an ...

    Today it loses the sender, recipient, date etc. That metadata is critical to the usefulness of storing emails in Vibe, allowing them to be removed from GW. It should ...

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    Add Support for Microsoft Access

    I would like to be able to upload Microsoft Access Files into Vibe

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    Add Support in the Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

    I would like to be able to save attachments to email messages directly to Vibe

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    Office Add-In support for MS Visio requested

    Customers love the Office Add-In and use it a lot! During the last weeks we got multiple requests by different customers for adding support for Visio to the Office ...