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    Bi-Directional Calendar Function between Vibe and GroupWise

    As a Vibe & GroupWise customer I want the Calendar function support between Vibe and GroupWise to be Bi-Directional so that i Have only to maintain one Calendar and it ...

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    Remove the Java Runtime Requirement From All Vibe Operations/Functions

    The ability to edit documents in place (such as using the "Edit This File" link), still requires the Java Runtime in Vibe 4.0. This means that it no longer works in the ...

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    Admins need better view to what access a user has in vibe

    Can not see from a central point what a user has access to or is subscribed to. Admin should be able to look at a users and see his/her access/subscriptions and ...

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    Filr integration

    Some integration with Filr to make adding shared files/folder to workspaces easy and intuitive. That way as changes are made, they will show up within Vibe as well.

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    Workflow designer

    One of the most powerful feature of Vibe are the workflows. But ist is a pain to create them (at least if they are a little more complicated as in the presentations ...

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    Gantt Chart Views

    Would like Gantt Chart Views

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    Merge Vibe and Filr Desktop Client, allow multiple accounts.

    Those using both Vibe and Filr on their desktop/laptop need to install who clients to get to their files. Filr and Vibe share code base server side, guess this is also ...

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    Possibility to adjust size of the column

    It would be great if you can resize the width left colomn. Especially when a workspace contains multiply folders, the names disappear behind the fixed width. Dragging ...

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    Be able to use LibreOffice Online Edition to edit documents directly ...

    Users do not have to install any Office sofware, they can use the integrated LibreOffice online. Other Online Apps like Gimp would also be interesting, see the list here ...

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    Ask for change password in Vibe - Outlook add-in or integration with ...

    Vibe add-in for Office need to be integrated with Novell account (similar as GW ar via KeyShield SSO). Users usualy lose their connectivity Office - Vibe when they have ...

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    VIBE appliance

    simplifies implementation

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    Drag and Drop Emails

    As a Vibe/GroupWise user I want to be able to drag and drop emails into Vibe so that I don't have to copy/paste and I get all of the header information.

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    Backup / Restore

    Problem Description: Sometimes users accidentally delete files on the vibe server. That's why we have file level backup and database backup to a second server. But if ...

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    Auto Lock on Modify Entry

    Please add the functionality "auto lock on modify" when clicking on the modify button. (That also implies the unlock after saving or cancelling.) Additionally you could ...

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    Upgrade the TinyMCE editor to the newest version and enale auto-save

    It seems that Vibe is using TinyMCE as the editor for alle entries in Vibe. It would be nice to upgrade to a newer version af TinyMCE and also to enable the Auto-save ...

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    Facebook like notification when someone comment on my entries

    I would like a notification like in Facebook when someone comment on something that I either have created or have commented on. As it works today it is almost impossible ...

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    Landing Page - Enhanced View

    When you enhance a folder view on the landing page it show the title bar and the decription. It would be nice to have the option to tick if the Description should be ...

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    Drag and Drop email attachments into Vibe

    As a GroupWise/Vibe user I want drag an attachment to my GroupWise email and assign/add the attachment to a task and not just a folder so that

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    Sync Users Profile Photos from LDAP Source

    Sync e-directory photo attribute to Vibe and let user edit same.

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    Internal Video support

    In Vibe 4.x support for youtube videos is possible (hopefully with https links). It would be great if user can share and publish their own videos (flv, avi, etc ...). ...