The landing page customization took a step back on Vibe 4.0 from 3.4. The Blog and Task folders in addition to some of the title bars such as calendars no longer default to a standard opaque color to block out any background image/color of the landing page, hence with 4.0, those background images are seen thru the blog and task folders being displayed on the landing page. We need a way to add a background-color to those elements in Vibe 4.0 so the user can choose if we want to see the background image thru the blog/task folders or not.


  • We definitely need that, too!
    The new landing page editor is great and provides some cool new settings but some things are still missing, like the ability to define html classes on elements or properties like background-color, border-style, or even things like font-style etc...
    Implementing this is more than easy and adds much more power to the LP designer.

  • Yes! I vote for this as well. It is really annoying

  • Yes !! This is very much needed. It's cripling LP designers !