Wasn't it an idea to move the APP into the 21. centry and make the landingpages responsive, let the photo-editing have the same contraints as in a regular browser and see the enhancedViews titles. Now you need to scroll your way through the page both vertical and horizontal, when picture are design with 150px width on the landingpage it's shown in original size in the APP and the chosen titles for for instance enhanced view of a blog are not shown at all.

An idea could also be to be able to design a landingpage specifically for the mobile interface and by tagging with for instance #mobile, it would be added to the mobile APP.
It is our belief that not all pages need to be accesseble in the APP.

We work a lot with the idea to bring information into the users interface when needed - and only when needed therefore we use the accessory panel a lot to move tasks around the company and bring them into play when it's time to make a descision or when information is needed. In that perspective: We are very mobile in our business processes today and online most of the time therefore we need the APP to have an easy og simpel interface - and design of landingpages for mobile devices is a big part of that.


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