If I click on a workspace I can ask for unread items. Now I want to set all these items as read. I can do it item per item but not for the whole bulk. Maybe I did not find the right solution because there is a documentation for this. But this worked only in folders not on workspaces. This happens in Vibe 4 - in Vibe 3.4 it was easier to mark a lot of items as read.


  • Totally agree, there is no acceptable way to mark a bulk of entrys as read.
    In 4.0.3, a function "like in vibe 3.4" was integraded. But sadly, this function is not working (see bug 1067205 on bugzilla.novell.com)

    I'm waiting for a solution for your idea since nearly 2 years. I tried bugzilla and SR - sadly with no progress.

    Vibe4 and usability of "whats new" are not matching with each other. Vibe3.4 was much better.

  • Totally agree! There should be an easier way to mark all entries on a "what's new" result page or at a workspace level as read.

  • Agreed.
    The usecase here is often that we set up a platform on top or teach users to use the "What's new" after a while and then there are to many things that hasn't been read. It would be nice to be able to make a line in the sand and then start using the 'What's new'.